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Prospect with Persana AI - GPT superpowers sales + recruiting prospecting on Linkedin | Product Hunt

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Our AI builds holistic customer profiles and creates compelling emails with integrations across multiple platforms

A fine-tuned model for your sales team

Persana AI's proprietary engine brings together historical email campaign data, CRM and internal data, and publicly available data points

  • Write in your voice and at scale (we can generate 100 emails in <1 minute).
  • Get a holistic view of a customer through integrations
  • Use data driven personalization to convert

Helping you identify the right leads at the right time.

Make the most of ripe opportunities.

  • Notify your team faster whenever there is an intent signal - like when a lead visits the company website or gets funding
  • Get answers to questions fast instead of making complicated reports
  • Consolidate data from different sales tools in an easy to use manner
  • Keep track of high intent leads
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Closed won has never been easier.

Maximize your team's productivity by focusing on selling and not doing cumbersome tasks.

higher transaction rate delivered through personalization
more conversions for your team.

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